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Happenings of Last Year

Almost a year has passed at SamandSocks and many wonderful happenings, fun events, and amazing people of all ages have shared and experienced the equine connection! This winter has been considerably drier than last winter and so the fun and games continue with no interruptions from the weather.

Last Winter RAINY

We have a new addition to our Equine Team. His name is Anne Terranova's "Jack". Jack is a trained polo pony though his height puts him in the horse classification (above 14.2 hands is a horse). Jack is very nimble footed, kind, and loves to play horse games. He loves being brushed and having his tail braided but one can not braid his mane or forelock because polo ponies do not have them. Jack is so patient he can stand quietly while being painted.

Paint the pony activity

His favorite is receiving treats!

The Equine Team loves getting dressed up for the holidays. We unfortunately missed Halloween but made sure our Christmas spirit was seen by all. The Equine Team put-on their Stocking hats and everybody had a romp around and over cross rails, ground rails and other fun obstacles.

So many wonderful people of all ages shared in and contributed to making the Equine Connection. Everybody had a unique individual way of unlocking the connection. Some through traditional riding and technique, some through games, some through quiet one on one time, and others by encouraging the equine partner to do an activity they have never done. Here are some of the smiles.

Other happenings of last year, SamandSocks sponsored a polo tournament/birthday party and brought the cake. Can you guess what was on the cake? If you said "a horse" you are correct and the SamandSocks team won. Socks played his first polo match as the ball retrieving pony and did very well. He was extremely brave moving out of the way of charging horses.

birthday cake

winning team SamandSocks

Sam and Socks ball retriever team

Thank you for reviewing a great last year. Please send me your ideas, thoughts, and or questions about equine assisted activities and making an equine connection of your own through traditional riding techniques or one that is designed just for you. Please email me or you can click the chat button and we can talk live.

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