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About Us

Sam&Socks is the story of a true friendship between Samantha and her pony Socks. Their incredible friendship began years ago. Sam who is visually and learning disabled met Socks at a local riding school. Samantha, unsure of the world she was living in and Socks untrusting and often naughty,  bonded instantly!  Socks became her gateway to a  better world and Samantha taught Socks to trust. 


This is the human/horse connection truly demonstrated. The Sam&Socks team would love to help create this kind of friendship, build confidence, trust, communication skills, and fun for other children and adults alike.


We offer  private riding lessons using an individually adapted method based on the riders comfort and motor abilities. For the more timid rider we offer a connection/bonding session. This is a more hands on approach to bonding with the horse through grooming, petting, and treating for tricks, and other equine assisted activities.  Both services teach and stress horse safety. 

Our services focus around the following 3 principles:

CONNECTINGBuild mutual trust and understanding between you and the horse.

CARINGGive and receive positive, loving emotions through basic grooming.

COACHING: Learn or improve your riding skills.

Sam&Socks is located on a private farm on New Ave., Gilroy CA. This farm is landscaped in tall Cypress pine trees, grape arbors, outdoor galloping track, arena, round pen, and gorgeous trail riding. If you are interested in touring the facility and SamandSocks Riding School, please call 775-971-8790 or email


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